What Sets TPO Roofing Apart From Other Roofing Materials

When picking a roof, there are many choices. But TPO roofing has started to shine brighter than most. It’s not just a trend. There are good reasons why more people are going with TPO for their homes. Curious about what makes residential TPO roofing special? Read below!

A Roof That Lasts

Longevity is key when you think of roofs. You don’t want to keep changing it, right? TPO roofing stands the test of time. With proper care, TPO roofs can last for over 20 years. That means two decades of not worrying about your roof!

Friendly to Your Wallet

No one likes big bills. TPO roofing is gentle on your budget. It’s cost-effective, both in the short and long run. It’s less costly to install and needs less upkeep. And because it’s durable, you won’t be spending much on fixes.

Keeps Your Home Cool

Summer heat can be tough. But TPO roofing has a trick up its sleeve. It reflects sunlight. That means less heat gets into your home and your house stays cooler. You feel more comfy. And the best part? Your air conditioner works less, so you pay less for power.

Low Upkeep

Some roofs need lots of care. But TPO isn’t one of them. It stands up well to the elements. Rain, wind, or sun, TPO can handle them all. And if it gets dirty? A simple cleaning with water and soap will do the trick. No fancy cleaning tools or solutions are needed.

Environmentally Sound

Thinking about the planet? TPO roofing is a good pick. It doesn’t have those harmful chemicals found in some other materials. Plus, since it keeps your home cool, you use less power. Less power means fewer greenhouse gases. So, you’re doing your bit to keep the earth green and happy.

Ready to Make the Switch?

TPO roofing offers a lot. It lasts long, saves money, keeps your home cool, and is kind to the planet. If you want a roof that gives you peace of mind, TPO might just be it. Talk to a local expert like Statewide Roofing and Siding. Find out if TPO is right for your home. A sturdy, long-lasting roof is just a call away when you turn to us in Salt Lake City, UT. Book our reliable residential TPO roofing service by calling (385) 213-0504 right away!

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